Research & Development: our projects stem from here

Although interesting, an idea than cannot be put into practice will never become a successful project. This is why we have set up an R&D department: day after day skilled designers listen, think, discuss, invent, design, test, modify, improve and innovate.
From the analysis, concept development and feasibility study, to the actual design and prototype construction.
Our knowledge of technologies, materials, industrial process and suppliers enables us to achieve the best possible result in every single application.

A well-tested process
The expertise acquired over the years allows MICROingranaggi to define and refine a dynamic, complex, product development process involving various skills: a process aimed at optimising time and costs, step by step, always focusing on flexibility.


Step 00


Acquisition of preliminary specifications
Getting acquainted and align with the customer
Understanding project goals
Acquisition of requests and basic information
Product and market research
Analysis of data, synthesis and definition of project guidelines

Step 01

Developing the concept

Search for innovative solutions
Creative search and concept exploring
Drafts, 3D models and volumetric physical models
Preliminary feasibility study together with the engineering team

Step 02

Refining the design

Project development and exploration of concept variables
Project refinement
Development of the interface, preliminary study of colours and finishes
Study of the details
Reviewing and updating the project together with the engineering team

Step 03


Design refinement
3D design with PROEngineer
2D drawings, 3D assemblies with BOM
Analysis of preliminary costs and production techniques
Project update and review with the customer

Step 04

Prototype construction

Construction of the prototype using rapid prototyping techniques and machining
Prototype assembly
Dimensional measurements and operational tests
Upgrading 3D files and updating the technical documentation

Step 05

Production of pre-series

Choice of production technique
Support for pre series production, selection and contact with suppliers
Assembly and operational tests
Support for product life tests
Evaluation and analysis aiming at cost reduction

Step 06

Completion of the project

Updating, modifications and improvements for volume production
Release of the final technical documentation
Support for mould making and production equipment
Optimization of production and assembly times and techniques