Warehouse and Logistics

Warehouse and LogisticsEfficiency and Safety: A Warehouse Serving Precision

Where every detail matters, the warehouse department plays a crucial role in the protection and management of the mechanical components that define our production excellence.

Logistics, storage, and handling are fundamental activities because the technical and dimensional characteristics of our products require special care to avoid causing damage that could compromise the entire production process.

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Flexible Order Management: Scheduled Orders and Stock Service

Recognizing the variety of our customers’ needs, we offer the possibility of organizing scheduled orders with multiple deliveries. This flexible service allows customers to plan and receive their products according to their specific requirements. Additionally, we provide a warehouse service for material to be picked up, ensuring that components are ready for retrieval when customers need them.

Thermoformed Trays: Protection Across the Board

The safety of our mechanical components is a priority, which is why we use thermoformed trays. These trays are custom-designed for various internal movements and for all shipments to customers. Each component is placed in a dedicated compartment, separated from others, ensuring maximum protection against impacts and unwanted movements. This approach ensures that our products reach customers in perfect condition, maintaining their precision characteristics intact.

MODULA Automatic Warehouses: Protection, Safety, and Traceability

Our three MODULA automatic warehouses represent the backbone of our logistics management. Connected to our management system, these warehouses offer not only protection and safety but also complete traceability of our components. Each piece is stored accurately and can be easily located through the management system, ensuring total control over inventory. This automation not only optimizes efficiency but also minimizes the risk of damage during storage and retrieval operations.

Ecological Washing for Comprehensive Component Cleaning

One of the most evident examples of our attention to quality and ecology is our advanced solvent washing machine, which ensures comprehensive cleaning of components by removing oil and material residues. Eco-sustainability is an important value for us, and this solvent washing machine is a tangible example of our commitment to the environment.