Toothed Pulleys

Production of Toothed Pulleys: Custom Solutions for Your Industrial Applications

A toothed pulley is a fundamental component within mechanical transmission systems, used to transfer rotary motion between shafts, typically through the use of toothed belts. These pulleys offer efficient motion transmission, ensuring precise and reliable operation of industrial machinery.
Thanks to our machinery park, we offer a wide range of toothed pulleys tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. We can produce toothed pulleys with T2.5 and T5 metric profiles, ideal for applications requiring precision and reliability in motion transfer.

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Types of toothed pulleys manufactured by us

In addition to metric toothed pulleys, we are capable of producing toothed pulleys with MXL and XL pitches, suitable for a variety of industrial applications. These pulleys offer high performance and long-term durability, ensuring optimal operation of transmission systems. For applications requiring higher load capacity and greater wear resistance, we offer toothed pulleys with HTD (High Torque Drive) and GT (Gates Tooth) profiles, designed to deliver superior performance even in the most challenging conditions. These pulleys are ideal for high-power and high-speed systems.

Design and Production of Custom Toothed Pulleys

We offer custom design and production services for toothed pulleys, capable of best meeting the needs of our customers and each industrial application. Whether it’s special sizes, complex geometries, or specific materials, we can manufacture custom toothed pulleys tailored to any application.

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