Our Company 4.0

from 1973

Our Company 4.0A Factory 4.0: Excellence in Mechanical Processing

Since 1973, we have been imagining, designing, and engineering precision micro-mechanical and electro-mechanical solutions.

Our 4.0 workshop represents a center of excellence where technological innovation is the key to delivering high-quality solutions that remain consistent over time. Our dedication to precision and efficiency has made us, in our 50 years of history and experience, the ideal partner to tackle the most complex mechanical challenges.

Spread over an area of 3000 square meters in Buccinasco, on the outskirts of Milan, MICROingranaggi facility hosts over 20 CNC machines, divided between internal turning and gearing departments, 3 manual assembly laboratories, and a metrology room with controlled temperature and humidity for highly precise dimensional checks.
Every day, a team of 40 people is committed to delivering efficient and reliable mechanical solutions to meet the demands of the most discerning markets.

Technologies Serving Quality

Thanks to a recent investment plan targeted at 4.0 technologies, our factory has entered a new era of connectivity and innovation: every machine in our workshop is interconnected with management systems, and the data generated during the production process are processed to implement concrete actions and improve operational efficiency.

HistoryIn balance between tradition and future


One of our key competitive advantages is our ability to adapt to different sectors. With half a century of experience, we’ve supplied products for a wide variety of applications, from small kitchen appliances to aerospace components. We understand that each project has unique requirements, but it’s our experience across such diverse fields that allows us to transfer innovative solutions from one sector to another with ease, always delivering the highest level of expertise.

As of now, our revenue is distributed as follows:

Industrial Automation 25%
Avionics & Aerospace 20%
Avionics & Aerospace 20%
Agriculture 10%
Medical 5%
Automotive & Racing 5%
E-Mobility 5%
Other 10%

Technical expertise at your service

Our technical office stands out for its expertise in designing a wide range of drive system solutions, including customized linear actuators and bespoke epicyclic gearboxes.