Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are an essential component in linear transmission systems, allowing precise and controlled linear motion of a variety of industrial and non-industrial devices and machinery.

These mechanisms transform rotary motion into linear motion, offering an efficient and versatile solution for a wide range of applications, from machine tools to robotics, from packaging to home automation.

attuatori lineari

ProductLinear Actuators: our solutions in the catalogue

22 Diameter
6000 RPM input
6 Nm Nominal torque
-50° +130° C Operating temp
32 Diameter
6000 RPM input
6 Nm Nominal torque
-50° +130° C Operating temp

Electric Linear Actuators: Our Catalog Solutions

Each catalog product is born out of a specific application need, and following a meticulous redesign phase that takes into account the technical challenges of multiple markets, it is optimized to be integrated into various applications. For the production of our linear actuators, we use advanced technologies and high-quality materials to ensure optimal and long-lasting performance, ensuring reliable operation and longevity.

Available Diameters for Our Linear Actuators

Currently, we offer two different solutions of linear actuators in our catalog, with diameters of 22 mm and 32 mm. This dimensional variety allows you to choose the solution that best suits the specific space and load capacity requirements for various industrial and non-industrial applications.

Integration with Customer's Screws and Electric Motors

One of the distinctive features of our linear actuators is the possibility of integration with any type of screw and electric motor provided directly by customers. Thanks to this flexibility and our experience and expertise in the sector, we guarantee a perfect interface between the linear actuator, the screw, and the electric motor, ensuring optimal performance and easy integration into the existing system.

Customization of Components to Adapt the Linear Actuator to the Application

In addition to the standard electric linear actuators, we offer the possibility to customize all the necessary components to adapt our linear actuator to the required application. This includes the customization of flanges, screws, crowns, bearings, and other components to ensure perfect integration and optimal performance. Visit our catalog or contact us for more information on customizing actuators.

Technical expertise at your service

Our technical office stands out for its expertise in designing a wide range of drive system solutions, including customized linear actuators and bespoke epicyclic gearboxes.