Turning and Gear Cutting

Precision Turning and Gear CuttingPrecision Turning And Gear Cutting

The internal turning and gear cutting departments represent the beating heart of our company, where craftsmanship tradition merges with technological innovation for the production of precision mechanical components.

Through this combination of tradition, innovation, and attention to detail, we are committed to providing gears and mechanical components that not only meet the most sophisticated technical requirements but also exceed expectations, ensuring durability and reliability over time.

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Turning and Milling: Shaping the Future with CNC Numerical Control Lathes

Turning is a crucial phase in gear production, and its accurate execution is an indispensable requirement to guarantee quality results. The constructive precision of each turned piece plays a key role in creating impeccable gear teeth, especially when it comes to gears of reduced dimensions.

With 7 state-of-the-art CNC numerical control lathes, we transform raw material bars into precision products daily, meeting the most complex market needs. We work with a variety of materials, ensuring maximum flexibility to meet the specific needs of each customer. Our focus on precision turning and milling is underscored by the continuous training of our qualified staff and constant investments in cutting-edge machinery.

Excellence Gear Cutting for Our Gears: 4.0 Technologies at the Service of Quality

The gear cutting department is where precision becomes art. It’s where, 50 years ago, MICROingranaggi journey began. We were born in 1973 as a subcontracting gear cutting workshop, and it’s precisely this know-how accumulated over time that has made us a reference point in the precision mechanical component sector.

Currently, our machine park includes 13 CNC gear hobbing machines, with which we are committed daily to providing reliable and high-quality gears that meet the demands of the most demanding sectors.

Our technical operators possess a deep understanding of the specific challenges associated with the production of gears of small and very small dimensions, and they are able to closely monitor the balance between efficiency and preservation of the structural quality of the components.

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Know-How and Continuous Improvement in Gear Turning and Gear Cutting Phases. It's Our DNA.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that field experience is the catalyst for continuous innovation. Similarly, we believe that only through detailed analysis can accumulated experience be effectively valued.

Thanks to a recent targeted investment plan, our factory has entered a new era of connectivity and innovation, and today the turning and gear cutting departments are updated with the latest 4.0 technologies. Each machine in our workshop is interconnected in an intelligent network whose data is constantly processed to implement concrete actions and improve operational efficiency. This attention ensures that we offer our customers professional and quality service, avoiding waste and unnecessary costs.

Attention to the environment and sustainability is central in these two departments as well as throughout MICROingranaggi. For example, we use a single cutting oil lubricant for all our CNC machines, a product that has been developed specifically for our workshop and the needs of our processes, which brings significant advantages in consumption and reuse possibilities.