The e-mobility industry is revolutionizing the concept of urban mobility, offering innovative and sustainable solutions for getting around modern cities. With the advent of electric motor technologies, electric micro-mobility has become increasingly popular, providing an ecological alternative to traditional means of transportation.

Application Fields

In recent years, we have been involved in various projects in this sector, accumulating a certain level of knowledge and know-how in:

  • Disability Aids: We provide mechanical solutions to companies specializing in electric micro-mobility for people with disabilities, offering electric aids for personal mobility that guarantee, among other things, independence and autonomy of movement.
  • E-Bike Brakes: We specialize in the production of high-performance components for electric brakes for e-bikes, ensuring safety and reliability during all journeys, not just urban ones.
  • E-Bike Transmissions: We design advanced transmissions for e-bikes, aimed at ensuring smooth and comfortable pedaling, allowing users to tackle even the most challenging routes with ease.
  • Components for e-Scooters: We provide precision mechanical components for e-scooters, including electric motors, transmissions, and braking systems, to offer reliable and high-performing solutions in the field of urban micro-mobility. 

E-Mobility for a Better Future

The adoption of electric vehicles contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions and the reduction of air pollution, improving air quality in urban areas, as well as a significant decrease in traffic and alleviating road congestion. Additionally, electric vehicles require lower maintenance costs compared to traditional vehicles, thanks to the lower complexity of the engine and the reduced need for mechanical interventions.