DesignTechnical Expertise at Your Service

Our technical office stands out for its expertise in designing a wide range of drive system solutions, including customized linear actuators and bespoke epicyclic gearboxes.

With decades of experience in the industry, our design team can translate complex design challenges into practical and efficient solutions, ensuring excellent results.

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Customization and attention to detail

Each project is personally followed with care and attention to detail from the initial development stages to the industrialization of the product, ensuring that the final result reflects the specific requirements.

Thanks to our experience and expertise in the production of precision mechanical components, each product is designed and engineered to meet specific needs and seamlessly integrate into our customers’ applications.

Designing Drive Systems in Synergistic Collaboration with Production

The advantage of having an integrated technical office that works hand in hand with production is undeniable and makes us the ideal partner to follow the industrialization of a product. Thanks to this synergy, our designers have a deep understanding of the technical production issues of machine tools, allowing us to develop customized drive system solutions that take into account not only the customer’s needs but also the possibilities and limitations of production technologies. Direct communication between departments allows us to quickly resolve any issues and optimize product development processes and times.

Customized Linear Actuators and Gearboxes Efficient in Every Field

Multi-sectoralism is one of our strengths. With our extensive experience in various industrial sectors, we can transfer knowledge and best practices from one project to another. This allows us to offer customized actuators, custom gearboxes, and other innovative drive system solutions, inspired by industry best practices and tailored to the specific needs of each customer. Each new project represents an opportunity to expand our knowledge and skills, allowing us to offer increasingly advanced and customized solutions.

From Concept to Realization: Our Method 

Our design process follows a detailed sequence of steps that begins with the learning phase, a moment of listening and analysis of the fundamental technical requirements of the project. This is followed by detailed research on the application and target market, in order to define the design directions that will guide the rest of the process.

We then enter the concept development phase, where our team dedicates itself to finding innovative solutions, generating the first 3D study models and volumetric physical models.

Once the design refinement is complete and a complete and coherent solution is obtained, we then move on to engineering, the moment when the design takes its final form through actual 3D mechanical design with specialized software. During this phase, we create 2D drawings and complete 3D assemblies with bill of materials, and conduct a preliminary analysis of production technologies and costs. This process allows us to assess the technical feasibility of the project at an early stage, identifying any challenges or critical issues that may arise during the production phase. Constant dialogue with the customer keeps them updated on the project status and gathers any feedback to be implemented.

We then move on to prototype construction, where we begin to translate the project into tangible solutions through rapid prototyping and mechanical processing. We create working prototypes and subject them to dimensional checks and functional tests to ensure that they meet the project specifications.

The realization of pre-series is the next step, where we prepare the ground for the mass production of our linear actuators or other customized drive system products. We choose the most suitable production technologies for the volumes, and our team follows the production in every phase, providing technical support to both our internal departments and any involved suppliers and partners. We carry out assemblies and functional checks to ensure that each component is ready for mass production, in addition to initial product life tests to ensure its durability and reliability over time.

Finally, with the project closure, we optimize processes for mass production, release the final technical documentation, and assist in the construction of molds and production equipment. This complete and structured process allows us to guarantee high-quality results and customer satisfaction in every phase of the project, from concept to final implementation.