MedicalExcellence and Precision 
in the Medical Sector

The medical equipment sector is highly innovative and characterized by very short product life cycles.

The machines used for processing medical devices must ensure precision, ease of use, and process integration. High-quality materials are employed, and the machines must constantly adhere to fundamental criteria such as stability over time, precision, and surface quality.

For over 30 years, we have been working daily in the medical equipment industry, providing precision mechanical components that meet the high standards of quality and reliability required in the sector. We closely collaborate with companies in the healthcare sector to develop innovative solutions that improve patients’ lives and optimise the performance of medical equipment.

Application Fields

  • Robotic Orthopedics: Design and production of precision mechanical components or electromechanical assemblies for robotic prosthetic solutions.
  • Ophthalmology: We provide precision mechanical components for ophthalmic equipment, contributing to the production of high-precision instruments for the diagnosis and treatment of ocular pathologies.
  • Medical Automation: We collaborate with companies specializing in medical automation to develop innovative solutions for improving diagnostic and therapeutic processes, ensuring high precision and reliability.
  • Dental Equipment: We supply essential components for high-quality dental equipment, contributing to the production of advanced tools and equipment for patient care.
  • Collimators: We specialize in the production of components for collimators, essential for the precision of radiotherapy treatments.
  • Medical Pumps: We design systems and components for medical pumps and peristaltic pumps, used to administer medications and fluids precisely and controlled during medical procedures.

Our components are designed and manufactured with extreme precision, ensuring reliable performance and accurate results even in the most critical conditions. We use premium materials that guarantee strength, durability, and compatibility with the strictest medical standards, conforming to national and European regulations.