Special Gearings

Manufacturing Special Gearings: Custom Solutions for Your Needs

We boast excellent experience in the design and production of special gearings for a wide range of industrial applications. Thanks to our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can meet the most complex needs of our customers, offering tailor-made solutions that guarantee optimal and reliable performance. Our modern machineries and the skills of our technicians enable us to develop and implement special cutting programs for a variety of gearings. For example, we are able to produce up to three synchronized gearings on the same piece.

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Capability to Manufacture Special Gearings According to Drawings and Complex Special Gearings

We offer the possibility to manufacture gearings with grooved or special profiles according to drawings, including sawtooth profiles, knurling, and precision knurling. Additionally, we can produce toothed rollers for strapping machines, ensuring perfect adaptability to the specific needs of our customers. In addition to standard gearings, we are able to produce curved gearings, toothed sectors, interrupted gearings, or gearings with special phasing. These advanced solutions enable our customers to tackle complex technical challenges and achieve superior results in their production processes.

Compliance of Our Gearings with Major International Standards

We are able to carry out machining according to the specifications of major international standards, including DIN5480 and DIN5481, ensuring full compliance and maximum reliability of our products. This allows us to provide solutions that meet the highest industry standards for quality and precision.

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