Quality Control

Quality controlQuality as a Working Method

For over fifty years, quality has been the cornerstone of our daily work.

Every production that leaves our lines undergoes rigorous quality controls to ensure impeccable performance and reliability over time. Our company philosophy places a focus on quality at the center of every operation, ensuring that both products and processes meet the highest industry standards.

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A Metrology Room in Constant Update

Our metrology room, which currently employs 10% of our staff full-time, is equipped with modern equipment and specialized software that allow us to conduct accurate and detailed quality checks on a wide range of components. Our highly qualified technicians are experts in using these technologies, ensuring precise and reliable results at every stage of the control process.

We have two Klingenberg P26 evolventimeters that allow us to perform a complete analysis of the main functional and dimensional parameters of a gear tooth, from the involute to the helix, from the pitch to the concentricity. We also guarantee maximum reliability in measurements of pitch circles, gearboxes, and shape errors, thanks to a Zeiss Contura G2 CNC measuring machine, a Zeiss O-Inspect optical machine, and a Nikon projector with fiber optics. To this machine park, we add an electronic Affri durometer and a Future Tech microdurometer, a motorized Mahr roughness gauge, a series of test benches for eccentricity and measurement of pitch circles of worm gears, and test benches for endurance tests on reducers.

Third-Party Quality Control Service

In addition to ensuring the quality of our products, our Metrology Room also offers a third-party quality control service. We make our technologies and experience available to external companies and entities that are looking for a reliable partner to carry out quality controls on mechanical components.