Industrial Automation

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Industrial automation is the process aimed at optimizing efficiency and reducing business costs. Its goals include increasing productivity, improving work performance, and lowering operating costs.

With over 50 years of specialization in this continuously evolving sector, industrial automation remains one of the main areas of application for our mechanical components and drive systems solutions.

Application Fields

Over the decades, we have specialized in numerous application fields related to industrial automation, including:

  • Motion Control: Transmission systems for motion control in industrial machinery and production, ensuring greater efficiency and operational reliability.
  • Robotics: Design and production of electromechanical components or assemblies for various robotic applications, such as robotic arms and collaborative robots.
  • Agriculture: Supply of cylindrical gears, worm gears, planetary gear reducers, and linear actuators for agricultural machinery and equipment, enabling greater precision and control in agricultural operations, improving yield, and reducing operating costs.
  • Packaging: Reducers and components for more efficient and versatile packaging and wrapping machines, allowing for greater speed and precision in product packaging.
  • Food Industry: Power transmission solutions for food production lines and machinery, compliant with hygiene and safety regulations to ensure the safety and quality of products.
  • AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles): Mechanical components and transmission systems for automatic vehicles used in industrial environments to optimize handling and logistics processes.
  • Electric Tools: Components for electric tools, such as automatic screwdrivers, to ensure greater precision and reliability in operations.
  • Pumps: Reducers and gears for industrial pumps and dosing systems, optimizing flow and liquid pressure to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.
  • Textile Industry: Components for textile machinery designed to optimize production processes and reduce waste, allowing for greater flexibility and customization of products.
  • Maritime Industry: Reducers and actuators for marine and naval applications, ensuring greater safety and efficiency in navigation operations.

Advantages of Industrial Automation

The implementation of industrial automation solutions offers several significant advantages. Cost reduction is one of the most obvious aspects since the use of automated machinery eliminates the need for labor and reduces human errors. This helps create a better work environment, with less physical strain on employees and increased safety in the workplace.

Furthermore, automation allows for time optimization, with faster and more efficient processes, and better organization in production activities. This results in improved employee health, as they can focus on more qualified and stimulating tasks, contributing to constant innovation within the company.