Quality is NOT a point of view, it never is. Quality is a fact.
Either it’s there or it’s not there. And if it is not there, then there is a problem.

Quality control is one of the pillars of MICROingranaggi’s business. Today, 10% of the production staff work in the metrology room. This is equipped with best-in-class machinery and instrumentation. Advanced measuring and control processes are used to detect even the smallest faults.

The metrology room is equipped with:

  • No. 2 fully automatic CNC-controlled P 26 precision measuring centers from KLINGELNBERG
  • No. 1 ZEISS O-Inspect Optical Measuring Machine
  • No. 1 NIKON projector with optical fiber
  • No. 1 AFFRI electronic hardness tester
  • No. 1 electronic micro hardness tester from FUTURE TECH
  • No. 1wheel-worm wheelbase test stand
  • No. 2 MITUTOYO eccentricity test stands
  • No. 1 MAHR electronic roughness tester
  • No. 1 vision system with camera
  • No. 1 gearbox life test stand
  • calipers, micrometers, dial gauges and plug gauges