The RN35 planetary gearbox, with a diameter of 35mm, is designed to deliver reliable performance across a wide range of applications. As for the whole RN series, plastic satellites on the first stage guarantee noise-reduction. With aluminum alloy flanges and hardened steel gears, it provides exceptional robustness and long-lasting durability. The NiCr steel shaft, mounted on double ball bearings (with optional RS), ensures stability and resistance even in challenging conditions. With permanent lubrication using long-life grease, the RN35 can operate in temperatures ranging from -50° to +130°C, while the maximum input speed of 6000 RPM makes it suitable for use with DC, brushless, and stepper motors. Additionally, custom solutions are available to meet specific requirements for torque and output speed, adaptable to any project or application.

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    6000 RPM max

    6 Nm Torque max

    -50° +130° C Temp. esercizio

    130 Nm Max radial load

    100 Nm Max axial load

    Cod.Desc.RatioCcont NmCpk NmØ rid.StadiηRPM ing.L mmPesoØ alb. rid.
    R350100R35-1K3,603.62335190%600023.2120 gr8
    R350200R35-1K5,335.332335190%600023.2120 gr8
    R350300R35-2K12,9612.966835280%600033.5180 gr8
    R350400R35-2K19,1919.196835280%600033.5180 gr8
    R350500R35-2K28,4128.416835280%600033.5180 gr8
    R350600R35-3K46,6546.656835370%600043.8250 gr8
    R350700R35-3K69,0769.076835370%600043.8250 gr8
    R350800R35-3K102,27102.276835370%600043.8250 gr8
    R350900R35-3K151,42151.426835370%600043.8250 gr8
    R351000R35-4K167,96167.966835460%600054.1320 gr8
    R351100R35-4K248,67248.676835460%600054.1320 gr8
    R351200R35-4K368,18368.186835460%600054.1320 gr8
    R351300R35-4K545,11545.116835460%600054.1320 gr8
    R351400R35-4K807,008076835460%600054.1320 gr8

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